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Preview - Crysis 3

The Crysis series always brings shivers of expectation to all gamers. Back in 2007 we were witness to one of the most important PC games of modern times. The breakthrough for FPS games cannot be underestimated and in some quarters Crysis is still held as a gaming benchmark today.

Crysis 3 continues the story of a desolate New York years after the alien invasion. The remaining human forces called Cell Corporation have erected a series of domes trying to contain the alien Ceph threat. But not all is as it seems and the Cell Corporation may turn out to be a new and more sinister threat.

Crysis 3 follows the actions of Prophet as he enters the realms of the nanodomes in search of answers and possibly an end to the Cell. Prophet has appeared in both the original Crysis games but here he is very much centre stage.

Recently I was able to play a level called Railyard and immediately the game brings a smile to your face as you are once again greeted with incredible graphics and environments as rich in personality as any of the main characters. The CryEngine used within the game does seem to have been upgraded from what we saw in Crysis 2 and the improvements are stunning.

The gameplay is fast and frantic. Your Nanosuit takes centre stage as you try and overcome both the Cell and various alien creatures. You can choose to take on the enemy either in a stealth approach using the suit to camouflage yourself and use the ultra-cool bow to take down enemies silently, or you can go all out and hit the enemy head on with some amazing assault weapons.

 The demo level also introduced one of the heralded Seven Wonders of Crysis 3 - the Field. Long grass that has long since reclaimed the urban sprawl now void of humanity. The visual impact of this was just stunning and you are immediately reminded of the legacy that Crysis has built up over the years.

Of course with such beauty come equal measures of danger and lurking in the tall grass are alien Ceph enemies with a razor sharp exoskeleton itching to make mincemeat of you. The whole sequence is tense and heart pumping as they lurk and attack from the tall grass. Classic Crysis!

Of course no Crysis game would be complete without multiplayer and we were lucky to get a chance to play test that mode as well and we'll bring that to you early in the New Year.

There is no doubt that Crysis 3 continues to strengthen the series. It's engaging, beautiful and by no means easy. The story is compelling and the weaponry fun to use and unique. Expectations are high for Crysis 3 and it looks like it won't disappoint. It has an expected release date on 360, PS3 and PC in February.