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Dance Central 3

Dance Central 3 is actually great fun. There I've said it. The first two games were OK and seemed to be as much about promoting the Xbox Kinect as much as providing a decent dance game. But Dance Central 3 pushes the series on way past just a casual disco simulator.

The back story is nonsensical - you are a spy sent back in time to thwart the plans of an evil villain set for dance domination. Although the story raises eyebrows it does set the scene for a good dance game. Previously Dance Central was all about the here and now with songs from Lady Ga Ga and the like. Dance Central 3 exploits your trips into the part to bring some of the best music from the 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s and it's a much better game for it.

Starting out it is essential to practice and learn off the dance routines if you are to have any chance progressing through the story. The game starts off inexplicitly difficult and without practice you are going to give up on it fairly quickly.

But by putting the time in and getting past the first few songs you'll begin to see the rewards that lay ahead. The exhilarating feeling of that comes with pulling off a huge combo is well worth it and this becomes even more heightened when you add more dancers into the equation.

Multiplayer allows for up to eight players, in teams of four, to compete against each other in a series of songs. Players rotate in and out to compete head to head.

Away from the story mode the Straight-up dancing mode is where the game really comes to life. You can strut your stuff to all your favourite tracks - even songs from previous games in the series will work, as will DLC if you have any.

Dance Central 3 is the type of game the Kinect was created for and it really shows off its strengths in a great fun game. The story mode may have a steep learning curve but performing perfect routines to your favourite songs makes all the practice worthwhile.