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Medal of Honor Warfighter

The Medal of Honor series was rebooted a few years back with mixed success. Since the franchise burst onto the scene all those years ago the FPS genre has moved on leaps and bounds and every title is predictably compared to the ever popular Call of Duty series.

Warfighter continues with the Tier 1 theme from the previous game but extends it out to include different Special Forces from the various countries that you visit. It's a great idea and each Tier 1 type brings their own unique style of warfare.

The game looks very well and there are loads of details that add to the atmosphere and throughout the game you do get a good sense of what these Tier 1 soldiers go through. However, the game is very linear and somewhat clichéd in types of missions available.

I suppose the biggest issue is that it doesn't really have its own personality. It's suffering from being a very generic shooting game and although there are some very good moments the overall feeling you are left with is one of indifference.

Maybe Warfighter is a victim of the stagnant FPS genre and we have just got to the point where we are craving for anything different. Only the upcoming release of Black Ops 2 will answer that for sure. For now Warfighter promised so much but ultimately delivered something quite ordinary.