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Resistance: Burning Skies

The Resistance series on the PS3 has long been one of my favourite gaming experiences. They managed to capture the intense atmosphere of a world overrun by alien forces and the sense of despair felt by the remaining human population. All at the same time as producing one of the best action games to date. Burning Skies tries to bottle that experience and bring it to the portable world of the PS Vita.

Unfortunately there are a few issues with Burning Skies that lead to a feeling that the game is just too flat in places and fails to deliver the impact of the originals.

Firstly the Chimera act strangely different than they do on the PS3. They are less aggressive and attack in smaller numbers. This allows the player to simply take cover and take them down one by one without too much risk. The sense of being overwhelmed is lost as a result.

The environments, although graphically pleasing, are not set up to develop the right atmosphere we expect. The levels are too enclosed and a far cry from the open spaces that were frequent on the PS3. Far too much action takes place in confined areas where using your shotgun or a simple melee attack are sufficient to dispatch most enemies.

The usual weapons are available and include the carbine, auger and bulls-eye. You still need to identify the correct weapon to use for the specific situation and this does help to try and bring the tension back as you scramble for the right weapon and search for the correct ammunition.

The campaign is fairly short and takes place in New York City - most probably before the Resistance 3 timeline. You play as Tom Riley - a fire-fighter - who is hell bend on saving his family. However, the character is flat and boring and no up to the standard that we have seen in the series.

There is a basic multiplayer option that is good and brings another dimension to the game. There are multiple modes like deathmatch, team deathmatch and survival. You can unlock weapons as you notch up experience points and up to eight players can compete.

Compared to the PS3 games Burning Skies does fall short but taken as a stand-alone entity on the PS Vita then it does bring a lot. The PS Vita controls are good and there are lots of touch opportunities that show off the console and aid gameplay. For fans of the series the game probably will feel flat against what they expect so maybe this is one for newcomers to the series.