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Starhawk is a PS3 exclusive third person shooter with a difference. There is a RTS underlying element called "Build and Battle" that adds a new dimension to a very fast paced shooter that has a lot of scope and replay value.

You assume the role of Emmett Graves, a miner who has turned gun-for-hire against an enemy fraction called the Outcast. The Outcast have been transformed into monsters following exposure to Rift Energy - a resource that can be found in the outer reaches of space. Emmett himself has also been slightly altered by this energy.

The gameplay centres around the concept of "build and battle". In a very open and diverse battlefield, players kill enemies and gather resources in order to afford new structures that can be called down from orbit. These structures help in the form of walls, turrets, gates and landing pads for vehicles.

Vehicles spawn from these new buildings and are essential if survival is to be maintained. There are hoverbikes, jeeps, tanks and even jetpacks.

The single player campaign isn't that long and many will complete it in about 5 hours, however, due to the nature of the "build and battle" it's got great replay value as you can choose to build different buildings in different places to provide a totally different experience on subsequent run-throughs

This game really comes into its own during multiplayer modes. Tactics are different and the impact of certain buildings and vehicles are handled completely different from the single player campaign - it's like playing a different game.

The key to multi-player is communication as concerted efforts are essential to overrun enemy posts or clear the way for additional buildings and resource gathering. The step from single to multiplayer play is surprisingly steep as new tactics and methods are required for each.

The concept of "build and battle" is fun and unique. It can be a bother to try and work out the best tactics at times but put some time into it and you'll be rewarded. The multiplayer modes are far more complex and challenging and the overall game concept is built around it. Starhawk is different and fun and worth the investment.