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Rayman Origins

Rayman Origins was first seen on the console platforms late last year and it was a great addition to the Rayman series. Now he has found himself over on the PlayStation Vita and the transition has been a very good one indeed.

The gameplay is pretty much identical to that of the consoles with just two exceptions. The four player co-op mode has been dropped, obviously, but a new Ghost mode is introduced that allows you to share your best times using the Vita's Near functionality and re-run levels against other peoples times.

The game looks great and the Vita's screen is a perfect medium to display those great Rayman Origin levels. The colours really pop out and the level of detail is breath taking. All the console levels are reproduced and they really are diverse and challenging as ever.

Like its console counterpart, Rayman Origins is a fast paced side-scrolling platform game that is very challenging and packed full of puzzles, level bosses and collectables. It's a perfect game for a handheld and is one of the stronger launch titles for the Vita.

The game hasn't be modified to take advantage of the Vita's touch screen or motion controls but it isn't any the worst off because of it.