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GAME Ireland Workers Protest

Staff across a number of GAME stores in Ireland are continuing with there sit in in protest for unfair redundancy payments. Last Monday the doors of all 14 Irish stores were closed and staff in some Cork, Dublin, Limerick and Monaghan stores have continued to occupy the premises against what they called unfair payments.

In a staement administrators PwC stated that staff would be paid saleries for March but payments for April and any redundancy entitlements would have to be sought from the government.

The window of the Dundrum store captures the feeling of the 125 Irish staff as they wait in-store for a response from PWC or GAME.

"GAME has told all employees in the republic of Ireland that they are being made redundant. We were informed that we would not be paid redundancy or any statutory or contractual notice periods or any outstanding annual leave. We the employees of GAME IRELAND believe the way we are being treated is wholly unfair and unjust. We are now sitting in our stores as a form of protest until GAME and PWC address our concerns.

Thank you all for the support.

Facebook: Game Ireland Fight for Your Rights

Twitter: @GameIREfight"