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Shoot Many Robots

So what would you do in a Robot Apocalypse? Shoot as many robots as you can. Simple.

It's a simple concept and in many ways Shoot Many Robots is very straightforward in what it's trying to deliver. It doesn't have the big budget backing like some of the big studio games but as Indy games go it has a lot to offer despite some minor failings.

The game is a typical frenzy shooter akin to those retro games of the 80's. It's a horizontal scrolling high tempo affair that runs at breakneck speed and never really lets up. You battle through varied landscapes blasting anything that moves in an attempt to reach the next checkpoint.

Shoot Many Robots at times is very much tongue-in-cheek. Health is replenished with beer and your primary weapon has infinite bullets. Currency is collected via picking up the scattered bolts of fallen robots and can be exchanged for weapon upgrades between levels.

The number of alternative weapons is quite frankly astounding. There are hundreds to choose from.  These range from machine guns, sniper rifles, shotguns, bazookas and freeze-rays. Unlike the primary weapon, alternative weapons have a limited ammo capacity.

Equally impressive is the range of alternative accessories and costumes. Various hat, trousers and bags help to enhance your abilities, while jetpack and wings allow you to hover and fly. Everything you buy and upgrade pushes your character in a certain direction. The type of character you create is highly flexible.

Unlike other games, certain items or in-game currency can be unlocked or ungraded using real money payments. This can allow for a kind of unbalance where you can effectively buy your way out of trouble. In fact at certain points in the game the difficultly is such that maybe purchasing certain weapons ahead of time is the intended effect.

On the whole the game plays very well and the animations are spot on and very entertaining. The main character, Tugnut, is quirky and fun. The levels are well designed but due to their nature and volume it does get a bit repetitive at times.

Co-op play is available and playing with friends does up the fun factor. You are able to revive fallen team-mates and this allows you to tag-team through the levels much easier than during single-player mode.

The vast array of character possibilities become more evident during co-op play as each player's character becomes unique very early on. This allows for specialisations that if used correctly can help out the team in certain situations.

Shoot Many Robots is a manic, fun shooter that takes off at lightning speed and never lets up. The sheer volume of enemies, weapons and configurable elements make the game vast beyond its price tag. It can be a little repetitive but it's worth picking up for the co-op alone.

Available for download via Playstation Network and Xbox Live Arcade.