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FIFA Street

The FIFA Street brand always had a brilliant game lurking under the sheepskin coat but never really delivered all that it promised. I love FIFA Street 3 but you could feel it's limitations as you played it and there were more than a few frustrating elements to the control system.

Somewhere EA had it in them to make a game that was some type of hybrid between FIFA 12 and Street Fighter. That game is simply FIFA Street.

The lack of a release digit in the title gives us an indication that EA has started from scratch to produce FIFA Street and immediately it shows. The game is very similar to FIFA 12 in the way it looks and the way the players feel. The fundamentals of the control system are there but there are a lot of changes to put to focus on tricks rather than simple traditional soccer strategy.

FIFA Street is pack with loads of skill and flare moves. Some are simple to perform and will form the basis of your arsenal, while others although more complex do allow for a lot more satisfaction and reward. The game is all about using tricks to beat the man in front of you. Try and pass the ball around and you'll get nowhere.

And that's the brilliance of FIFA Street. It's about learning the various moves, just like you would in a fighting game, and then using those to get past the defence.

The controls are easy to pick up. Most of the work is done by the right analogue stick as you rotate, push left and right and spin away while performing various tricks. You can flick the ball over your head and sprint pass players as the ball sails above them, or nutmeg them while spinning 360 degrees around them. The options are endless.

The game is set up to favour the attacking team. The sliding tackle from FIFA Street 3 is gone and you'll take on a more passive defensive roll as the attackers try and fool their way around you.

In attack the emphasis is on moving forward and beating your opponent. The game isn't set up for retreating to reset, you're expected to move and trick your way to a goal.

The World Tour mode is great and it allows you to build up a team while competing in challenges and various tournaments. There are cool multiplayer options also available with leagues and tournaments to enter.

FIFA Street is a great reboot of the series and really is the game that we have been waiting for.